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What is Battle District Supply Company?

‘Battle District’ defined: A paradise and self-created war zone; built on raw & rugged ambition and intestinal fortitude.

'Battle District Sply Co.’ has been established to supply active apparel and digital media that merges Art & the Armed Forces. THE ART OF BATTLE.

Why you sell the items you supply?

Inconspicuously celebrating victories and successes through trials and tribulations via apparel & digital media. Modest in victories; Letting Action, Art, and Apparel speak loader than words.

Where you are located?

Battle District Sply Co. is located in Washington, DC [District of Columbia]. The ‘District’ in Battle District Sply Co. actually comes from Washington, DC.

Washington, DC is known for politics and policies, but the same people who wear those dapper suits on Capitol Hill are some of the same people grinding it out in the gym, running, snowboarding, rock climbing, etc… just simply being active. Battle District Sply Co. is inspired by people like this; because there are people all around with the same work-hard-play-hard mentally.

How long you have been in business? How long you have been running your online shop?

Battle District was established April 2015 and officially launched online August 2015. The creator of Battle District Sply Co. got the inspiration to start Battle District Sply Co. after surfacing from the depth of the ocean during cliff diving in Negril, Jamaica.

Who are the people on your team?

Battle District Sply Co. team also known as the ‘Battle Squad consist of everyone; EVERYONE, including you reading this. Battle District draws inspiration from all walk of the active lifestyle; From Skydiving to Deep Sea Diving; that a lot of space covered! Often time Battle District Sply Co. never gets to thank the active individuals that inspires it’s designs, but THANK YOU! Yes, YOU!

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