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Construction: Battle District Apparel Website Redesign

Posted by Doryus Jones on reconstruction is underway.

Athletes like speed, fast, and quickness. Navigating a website should be no different than the athletes that use them. In order to fast-track you all to the finish line; Battle District Apparel’s website will be made more simple and clean.

At this very moment the Battle Squad is working to choose a color scheme that is clean and masculine. Being that were all about the BATTLE; Military color schemes are currently being engineered to see what best for you all, the athletes!

Speed matters; Battle District Apparel’s new design is lightweight, but pack heavy weight power. is going load faster than an Olympic runner in the 100 yard-dash.

Quickness is Necessary; quick as a NFL Running back to the end zone for touchdown is the same speed you’ll reach Battle District Apparel’s Checkout.

Fast is essential; The redesign will place all Apparel options right in front of you, allowing you to choose the options for your Battle District purchase fast.


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