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Run the City & Explorer the World

Posted by Doryus Jones on

Wake Up and run the city. An excellent way to really view a city is to run it; early in the AM, when it’s super empty. I’ll explain. The best part of a city cannot be found online. You can Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo a city, but until you lay foot-to-pavement you won’t get the really admire a city. Of course you can walk around the city and that’s great because you’re being activing and moving, but it covers less territory than running.

Another option is riding a bike to view a city. Biking a city is also great, but you’ll have to coast around slow so you don’t pass any great sights, and sometime the bike will become a minor inconvenience. When biking you’ll have no choice, but to do it in the AM to really enjoy it.

My suggestion is running. Run the city! Running can replace your daily heart-pumping activity (Note: I didn’t say “replace your daily workout”). Everything is at your pace and it covers the perfect amount of area not to overload your brain with too many great places. Backing tracking is also easy. Meaning it you see some dope artwork or cool buildings you can simply pace back admire the sight and then keep-it-moving.

The “early bird get the worm” no matter what! The “worm” in this situation will be ‘the best views of the city’. Running though the city early allows you to do more things… things being stuff that might be embarrassing or shunned if the masses see it. Think about your gym selfies; it seems a tad embarrassing when taking them, right? (Note: I’m going to have a future post about ‘Shameless Selfies’) …except when no one is looking. In the AM you can avoid this feeling and get better views and epic selfies. Because now you can climb to the top of that statue that you know would get you arrest if it was later in the day.

Enough selfie talk. If you want to incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into your Fun-Run/Exploring-of-a -City, it’s extremely easy! Find a building with a ton of step and run them… Rocky Balboa style. Trust me, you’ll find them easily. In the AM you’ll be surprise how much easier you discover EVERYTHING.

All-in-All running the city in the morning is a great workout and a great exploration tool, because you’ll see more and be healthier… and to be completely vain, which I consider OK when it comes to health, you’ll get looks-of-inspiration which in return will give you that motivation to go the extra mile. So, Dress approximately… FLY DOPE & FRESH in the BATTLE DISTRICT

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