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Athletic Wear Everywhere

Posted by Doryus Jones on

Bottom Line Up Front: If you have to question wearing your gym clothes, then wear your gym clothes.

All Athletes and Fitness Enthusiast have a "problem." I'm using the word 'problem' very loosely. The world is our gym, stadium, field, playground, etc… So we dress the part; Active wear Everywhere, Always sport Compression under-shorts, Sweatpant swag. That's us. We look and feel great in athlete apparel. It compliments our bodies well and over time some of our "fitness only" shirts and shorts become our favorite clothes. Fitness is a solid part of our life; so here the simple equation: Fitness Only Gear = All Purpose Gear.

Don’t fear rocking gym apparel.

Your life is more important than whatever policies, opinions, or attitudes are in-place preventing you from being appropriately dressed for your life. Your life is fitness orientated and inline with that so are your friends, clothing, experiences, entertainment, language, travels etc… A lot of people that aren't familiar with the fitness lifestyle hold this negative view of athletic gear and fitness apparel outside of the gym. They call it "inappropriate." DON'T FEEL BAD! Better yet, Don't feel anything; Brush it off. This negativity is nothing but .000005% or your life, because within the next few hours you'll back in your active lifestyle vibes. There's no need to change anything about you for such an insignificant matter.

...and lets be serious some of the athletic clothing we wear is better quality and has better designs than other types of apparel.


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  • Grady Jones on

    I love it, the apparel, the comments and whole thing. BATTLE ON !! SON

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